Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Here's to a better day.

Sitting atop of Durango at the lions den with Kelly in my arms I was overwhelmed with gratitude. God is faithful though we are challenged he never leaves us. Today was a day of refreshing from a long cold winter and a day of hope for a spring of new begginings. In just this last week Kelly and I have come through a valley of emotional lows to this mountain of comfort and beauty.
This picture is of us on Sunday out at Ryan's property. Sunday was actually a very emotionaly draining day. Kelly was not feeling her usual chipper self. To spend time with church family that evening was very encouraging. The enemy came against us this last week. We encountered the fiery arrow of doubt and felt the shadow of fear surround us, but as our father has told us joy will come in the morning. Holding fast and just standing strong is sometimes all we can do. So today I was given a word from Isaiah and it brought us much new joy.

You hold your hand up high, God, But they don't see it.

Open their eyes to what you do, to see your zealous love for your people.

Shame them. Light a fire under them.

Get the attention of these enemies of yours.

God, Order a peaceful and whole life for us because everything we've done, you've done for us

O God, our God, We've had other masters rule us, but your the only Master we've ever known.

The dead don't talk.

ghosts don't walk,

Because you've said' "enough-that's all for you," and wiped them off the books.

But the living you make larger then life.

The more life you give, the more glory you display, and stretch the borders to accommodate more living.

Kelly and I read this together in the car today at lunch. God has a zealous love for us. God will order a peaceful life for us. The same voice that calmed a ragging sea, the voice that spoke life into our being that calls the sun up every day has ordered a peaceful and full life for us. God we have had other masters rule us drugs, alcohol others it may be finances or feelings. The actions of my past those dead days and thoughts they don't talk. The ghosts that seek to haunt my dreams or my waking moments they no longer walk with me. Lord you said "ENOUGH!" and that old self is dead. We have been raised and so shall we hold our head as we walk on. we walk on into a life larger then life its self, God will increase even the borders that we think are large and bless us beyond them. So I take that next step for one more day I will live in the direction of that blessing. For one more day I will belive what I know is true. For one more day.....