Saturday, January 31, 2009


Monday night, January 26th, 2009, Ben proposed to me; he asked me if I will spend Forever with him One Day At A Time, and of course I said yes!

You can't see the ring real good from this picture but it is beautiful: very Victorian with all the intricate details engraved on the side and band of the ring. It has a diamond enclosed in a circle on top with three diamonds on each side before moving into engraved leaves on the band. From the side it has engraved swirles and a flower.

So how did the proposal go you are probably wondering?

Well, Monday I had to work and so did Ben, although Monday's we usually have lunch together, so I waited for him to call. When he finally did he sounded frustrated and kind of irritated because he was working on hanging some drapes at work and he said that he would stop in an hour or so and go get lunch at Serious Texas. So I got off the phone with him and thought well I have to have lunch so I will just go to the Serious Texas by my work and pick up two tacos and surprise Ben with them, so I even prayed for a parking spot in the little cramped parking lot and I got one and there was no line at all to order so I got out of there really fast and on my way to surprise Ben. Well on my way my Mom (who was in on the whole proposal as well as Dale) called and was just wondering what I was up to; I didn't think anything of the call because she usually calls just random to say hi and find out what I am up to. Well I tell her my plan to surprise Ben as I'm driving to go see him. Little did I know that Ben and his whole office were trying to get him out of the office by 12:00 so he could go shopping with my mom for the stuff to decorate my apartment. So as soon as my Mom gets off the phone with me she calls Ben to let him know I am coming to surprise him with tacos and to act surprised, now that he knew. I also called him and tried to see if he had left for lunch so I could still catch him. Once I arrived I took my time because I had an hour so I was like, I'm good I have a hour, while everyone was trying to get me to leave so Ben could leave. Cathy the office Secretary at Ben's work, had said while I was there that she saw my mom at Wal-Mart. She had made it sound like she saw her that morning and when I had talked to my Mom not to long before that, she made it sound like she was at home in her PJ's with wet hair, you know that kind of thing. So I said to Cathy, " This morning you saw her?" that's when Cathy said no a couple of weeks ago with Debbie, who also works in the office,(Debbie's daughter dated my brother at one point so she would know my Mom). Ben told me later that Cathy almost slipped, she had actually seen my mom on Saturday when Mom and Dale went to the office to help Ben paint the treasure chest he had built(you will find out about this later in the proposal). So when Ben told me this I was like Cathy lied to me! But Cathy felt bad and she called the next day to tell me she had lied and apologized.
Finally I left the office only to find out that I lost my keys and it wouldn't have been so bad but a freak snow storm had broke out and I parked on the other end of the parking lot as well as the entire office couldn't wait for me to leave so Ben could leave. I found my keys and left and I guess when I finally did they were like she's gone its clear Ben you can now leave. So I was completely oblivious to all that was behind the scenes, my Mom, Dale, Ben and his office plotting a proposal.

About 4:45pm, just 15 minutes before I was suppose to get off work (which rarely happens on time), Ben calls to see when I will be done, I told him I was planning 5:00pm and that he could start dinner. Ben and I don't live together, because we believe that is what God intended, you come together both in housing and body once you say "I do, kiss the Bride, announced as One" on your Wedding day, but we eat dinner together every night if we can and I have been experimenting with my crock pot and grill ( I have had so much fun cooking with it) he answered me by saying I've got somthing in mind. At that point I began to think he has something in mind! Up until that point I had no idea that he was going to propose! I started to get nervous thinking about it and the worst thing was, I like to look cute everyday but this day I hadn't put much thought into my outfit, so I thought oh great the one day he chooses to propose I'm not even dressed cute! I was still a little nervous so I took my time getting my mail and walking up to the door. When I got to the front door of my apartment there was a pink card taped to the door inside it read something like follow the kisses and rose petals and that he had used my stationary and I hope that was ok. lol. I walked through the door to find that the inside had been decorated with white cheese cloth like fabric, candles, rose petals, Hersey kisses, arrows drawn on note cards to direct me on this Mini journey, and in the background the Josh Turner song Will You Go With Me (Ben and my song because its really good and at the end of it it talks about tying up the ends of a dream) was playing. It had been snowing that day so I had to take off my jacket, put down my purse, mail, bag and take off my shoes-the whole time I was wondering if he was watching and if this really was what I thought it was or another day before the actual engagement. I began to tip toe on the rose petals while reading the notes he had put on different things in my house. Each note said something he loved about me. I do have to admit I was also thinking I probably look like an idiot tip toeing on these petals walking in circles around my apartment. I had to walk around my coffee table into the dinning room and then around the dinning room table-on the table he had Cherry flavored Sparkling(non-alcoholic) drink in an ice bucket with two glasses and lit candles. the atmosphere was so romantic and special and quite besides the music playing. Then I went into the kitchen on the wall was another card that read Happy Anniversary. It then occurred to me that it was the 26th. We had started dating July 26th, 2008 and it was our sixth month anniversary! I then followed the petals down my hall way to my bedroom the note on the door said I could let the cat out first, who was in the bathroom, (Moses our adopted cat can be a little brat and he would have pulled down the decorations before I even got there) I thought he was in the bedroom so when no cat came out i proceeded in. Inside to the left of my bed was a large treasure chest that looked like it came from Pier 1 Imports- I thought to myself where did he buy that? Another note was on the chest that said to read first--I could feel myself tearing up as I read Ben's love for me in words but I held the tears back as I opened the chest to find Ben on one knee with the ring box in his hand. I was so distracted with the ring that as he asked me to Marry him I didn't even look at his face-later I asked him if we could rewind and re-do that moment so I could look at his face. I of course said yes and the story just gets better from here as we plan our Wedding and take this journey together.

After the proposal we had to call Mom and Dale and let them know how it went and that I said yes (Mom and Dale helped decorate and catch Ben's vision for the whole evening--they were in on it from the beginning!! Ben, Mom and Dale even spent the Saturday before together and I invited them over for dinner that night, not once did they give away that they had spent the day together) We called Dwight and Linn (our pastors, my boss and Ben's adopted parents) they were so excited for us that I could hear them in the other room yelling hurray!! Ben text everyone on his cell list , "She said Yes!" some were like what? Benjie our worship pastor who has known Ben for a long time was like who? What? Megan his wife had to tell him Ben just proposed to Kelly and she said yes. It was then he got super excited!! A lot of people have been so excited for us!! We made a lot of phone calls that evening to my Dad and Step Mom and of course my Wedding Planner and very good friend from grade school, Rachel. So the journey continues--Forever One Day At A Time!!
Stay Tuned...

The Leading Up Days To Engagement

Ben didn't want me to know when, where or how he was going to propose to me so he started giving me gifts so that I would be distracted and wouldn't figure out when he was going to propose. I was thinking that it would be the day before Valentines Day, because we had decided that a proposel on Valentines Day was so cliche.
I am the type of person that figures things out by somthing that is said or done and my mom had said that when I was little I would search out the Christmas presents(she worned Ben of this) so distracting me with gifts and leading up days worked well.
I recieved three gifts of distration. The first was two roses(seen in the picture above) a side note on the two roses: When I first moved into my appartment back in Sept of 08 Ben, Dale, Mom and Nan helped me move in, Dale and Ben did all the heavy work of course, well after a long day of moving Ben said that he would go and pick up Papa Murphy's pizza, take a shower since he hadn't had the oportunity that day and come back. Well when he walked through the door that night with a pizza and cookie dough(I just love cookie dough) in one hand and a red rose in the other as a house warming gift.
so when he gave me two roses he did mention I have now graduated to two roses from one. So maybe on our 12th aniversery i will actually get a dozen, we laughed about this one.
The second gift of distration was a Valentines Card--it was a funny one--thats all you get to know lol.
The third gift of distration was a rise cooker for sushi making. Ben and I hadn't been going out more than a month or two and I decided to be brave and go to Sushi with him. More than once I had told people I did not like sushi (really I had never tried it but the thought of raw fish and seed weed was not my idea of good food) so I went with Ben. He was so sweet showing me how to hold the chop sticks and dip the sushi in the soy sause etc.. It was the best eating out experiance I have ever had, the atmoshere was great and just being with Ben and how sweet he was I truly enjoyed myself. He took me back to the same sushi place(East By South West in Durango) on my birthday and we also took Dad and Sandy there when they came to vist. Needless to say we really like the place. So because we like sushi so much when we were planning to go to Indiana to see Bens family and for me to meet them, we asked Chelsea Ben's sister if we could posibly go to sushi with them (they also like sushi) and Chelsea said she makes her own, which she showed me on Christmas day. After that Ben and I decided we would like to try making sushi our selves, so the rice cooker was a purfect gift.