Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Leading Up Days To Engagement

Ben didn't want me to know when, where or how he was going to propose to me so he started giving me gifts so that I would be distracted and wouldn't figure out when he was going to propose. I was thinking that it would be the day before Valentines Day, because we had decided that a proposel on Valentines Day was so cliche.
I am the type of person that figures things out by somthing that is said or done and my mom had said that when I was little I would search out the Christmas presents(she worned Ben of this) so distracting me with gifts and leading up days worked well.
I recieved three gifts of distration. The first was two roses(seen in the picture above) a side note on the two roses: When I first moved into my appartment back in Sept of 08 Ben, Dale, Mom and Nan helped me move in, Dale and Ben did all the heavy work of course, well after a long day of moving Ben said that he would go and pick up Papa Murphy's pizza, take a shower since he hadn't had the oportunity that day and come back. Well when he walked through the door that night with a pizza and cookie dough(I just love cookie dough) in one hand and a red rose in the other as a house warming gift.
so when he gave me two roses he did mention I have now graduated to two roses from one. So maybe on our 12th aniversery i will actually get a dozen, we laughed about this one.
The second gift of distration was a Valentines Card--it was a funny one--thats all you get to know lol.
The third gift of distration was a rise cooker for sushi making. Ben and I hadn't been going out more than a month or two and I decided to be brave and go to Sushi with him. More than once I had told people I did not like sushi (really I had never tried it but the thought of raw fish and seed weed was not my idea of good food) so I went with Ben. He was so sweet showing me how to hold the chop sticks and dip the sushi in the soy sause etc.. It was the best eating out experiance I have ever had, the atmoshere was great and just being with Ben and how sweet he was I truly enjoyed myself. He took me back to the same sushi place(East By South West in Durango) on my birthday and we also took Dad and Sandy there when they came to vist. Needless to say we really like the place. So because we like sushi so much when we were planning to go to Indiana to see Bens family and for me to meet them, we asked Chelsea Ben's sister if we could posibly go to sushi with them (they also like sushi) and Chelsea said she makes her own, which she showed me on Christmas day. After that Ben and I decided we would like to try making sushi our selves, so the rice cooker was a purfect gift.


  1. Very sweet. Can't wait to hear more of the story!

  2. Wow! I'm totally impressed. Who would have thought Ben was such a romantic. Well, of course I knew all along that he's just a big old softy and totally in love but I'm his mom so I'm just a little prejudiced. I LOVE the ring. I can't wait to see you in person and really get to check it out. I've prayed for so long for my Ben to find just the right person to share his life with and you are absolutely the one. I'm so happy! I tried to tell you this when we were at Chelsea's but I started crying (as you know) and didn't get much out. My children are my heart and soul and I feel so blessed that they both have found such wonderful life partners. Welcome to the family Kelly. You are so, so special!