Monday, October 12, 2009

Ben and Kelly's Wedding--Getting Ready

Chelsea, Ben's sister, has been asking Ben and I to post picture's of the Wedding for so long so here is some of them to start.. These pictures are taken by Abi from ABI Q Photography.

With the pictures I thought I would give you some of the stories behind the pictures. Things that played out as the day progressed and some in preparation for the big day. Rachel, my childhood friend and bridesmaid, came with me to the hairdresser. I didn't want to go by myself so when I was leaving my parents house the morning of my wedding, Rachel had just got out of the shower and I asked her to go with me. On the way down to town she kept on realizing that she forgot this and that because she spontaneously went with me. Brian her husband brought all the things she left later. Rachel painted my toenails as I was having my hair done and I was so glad to have her with me.
Two of my flower girl's, Maggie and Haley got dressed for the day! They looked so pretty in their pink dresses. I had the hardest time finding brown shoes to match their brown sashes but then Shelby, Maggie's mom found exactly what I was looking for and texted me a picture then we were able to coordinate the shoes with the dresses. I found the pink dresses at a local store for under $20 each! My Nan sewed the sashes and I made the flowers for their hair from craft flowers and ribbon. I got the idea for the head pieces from Teri, Haley's mom she made a similar thing for Haley's birthday party. Ben and his groomsmen where dressed and ready even before I left the salon, except for Brandon who had to go buy brown socks before he and Ben arrived at the church. As Rachel and I were turning into the church we saw Brandon with his hand over Ben's eyes as they quickly drove past us.Brandon didn't want Ben to see me before the time. Once they returned Ben had so much time on his hands waiting for the Bride and Bridesmaids, Abi and Chelsea V. went downstairs and took pictures of the waiting men. After I was dressed and before I went downstairs to show Ben my dress for the first time some pictures were taken upstairs with my family. The one I have posted is of my cousin, Gwen and my Nan, my mom's mom.

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