Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Presents Presents!

When you get married its like Christmas early!

Ben and I received our first engagement present from my moms dear friends and my cousins Aunt and Uncle. I call them Uncle Clive and Aunty Maschelle! They live in New Zealand so the present they sent was coasters made out of New Zealand materials. I truly enjoyed them! Not only were they our first engagement present with a card that had both of our names on it, but it was from Uncle Clive and Aunty Maschelle and from New Zealand (the land I spent 5 years of my life living on). The coasters are now displayed with my African inheritance from my mom (I was born in Africa and I longed for my moms African stuff that was always displayed while I was growing up, so when I moved into my own place mom gave them to me to display)
The second engagement gift we received came from Ben's Grandma. She sent me beautiful pearl bracelets that I am going to try to wear with my wedding dress if I can (they are fresh water pearls). Ben received a nice solid stamp holder with a whole roll of stamps. The holder is nice and neat for his desk. It was fun opening this package(our second engagement present)

Today I got a call from Ben that our first Wedding present had actually arrived! Chelsea and Mike, Ben's sister and brother-in-law were the first to purchase gifts from our honeyfund account. Ben had heard that you can go to this website and set up an account where people can go and purchase a day at the beach or multiple people can purchase your airfare for your honeymoon. So he checked it out and created us an account! Through it you can also link your registries so that everything can be accessed from one location or in this case one website. We had fun setting it up and I had fun registering through other stores online while Ben watched a movie and later he linked it all together though honeyfund. So as I was saying we told Chelsea about the fund online even before we sent her the invitation with the information included (which actually we still haven't sent her the invite yet although it is coming soon) and she already purchased items from our Pampered Chef registry and I received them today! Yeah! I had been praying for the packages to arrive while Ben was sick and staying at my apartment on the couch while I was at work ,because I knew for sure we would get them and well we did! The picture on the right is the exciting items I get to play with now! The following pictures are of my two helpers! Moses and Baby.(after looking at these pictures scroll down. I blogged about our engagement pictures)


  1. Isn't it all exciting! Wedding fun and what cool presents you've received so far. It's awesome your enjoying your wedding planning Kelly. And your "helpers" are really adorable! :)

  2. Hey Kelly it is super excited and I am so happy that I can enjoy your fun along with you through your blog! You are such a sweet lady and I love seeing your smiling face! Ben is a lucky man! :) Also I have two little "helpers" who live at my house they are not mine but my roommates however if you would like two more helpers I would gladly give them to you! :) Much love and Blessings!

  3. So excited for you! With a pizza stone and a mixing bowl - you are set! Homemade biscuits! Pizza! and Kool-Aid in the pitcher!