Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miss Kim Sample

I needed to post this so miss Kim could take a look.

What to look for:

Light bulbs, leaves, ribbon, pearls, flowers, green somthing so that it will bring in the green chairs-all we have to do is add Ivory or white toole with pink or brown ribbon to the back of the chairs to bring chairs and table together.

Thank you Kim-Love you (this was taken at my moms house-you can see how much fun we have decorating-I painted the tanish gray arches on the wall-you can see them at one point in this video)


  1. Love it! Wonder if you might want to put candles at base so they flicker off the crystal? We can lower the house lights in the auditorium, too.

    Good job! Thinking of going to Farmington Sat. Want to go with Sis and I?

  2. You two are funny! But it is so fun to watch all the planning again - such a great reason for giddiness!