Thursday, May 28, 2009

Road Trip

Ben and I were invited to go rafting on Monday but Ben decided that we needed a day together. Just Us. I have been staying the weekends at Mom and Dales house trying to finish the wedding plans. For the last three weekends Mom and I have been making cookies for the refreshments on the lawn. Gwen (my cousin and bridesmaid) came over two weekends ago and helped us cut, bake and decorate cookies. She did such a great job but I think we talked more than accomplished cookies because Mom and I alone made and decorated over a hundred cookies last Saturday and we started way later than the Saturday Gwen came over. :) either that or we had become professional cookie bakers and decorators by then.

So I mentioned that I have been staying over at Mom and Dales house, well Ben is staying in a travel trailer on their property until we get married so we decided to leave from there and just road trip to Ouray!So we did! And it was fun! We originally planed not to think or do any wedding planning Monday but you know how that goes! We ended up doing wedding stuff anyway that morning and then left on our trip. The scenery was beautiful and just being together was good for us, we laughed and talked and took pictures on the way.

Once we got to Ouray we went to the Hot Springs which actually ended up being the "Warm" Springs so we stayed in the water long enough to see stuff floating by and realize this experience wasn't all that exciting so we left. ( I have been there before when the water was Hot but for some reason it wasn't this time and the pool was crowed so it wasn't that great). After we left the Hot Springs we went up to a Hot Springs Resort place that has a steam room and natural hot springs located under the resort. You walk in and it is like being in a hot steamy cave. It actually was a really neat place. You can stay there and have access to their Hot Springs pools rather than going to the public Hot Springs. It would be a lot of fun to stay there after we are married. Before we left town we got burgers and sweet potato fries to go and eat on our trip home. We had a great day! It was great just to drive and get out of town for a little while together without really having an agenda.

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